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Mr. Nikjoo

Mr. Nikjoo

 Managing Director

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(+9821) 41464400

Contact with Department

(+9821) 41464110
(+98910) 1991810

Mr. Younes Abbasi

Digital Marketing Department

Mr. Reza Nikjoo

Mr. Reza Nikjoo

Procurement Department

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(+9821) 41464120
(+98910) 1991811

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(+9821) 41464130
(+98910) 1991816

Mr. Alireza Lashgari

Sales Department

Head-office Address

Unit 166, Number 108, Vozara St., Tehran, Iran

Manufacturing plant Address

Ideal sanat industrial state, Emamat St., Robat Karim, Tehran, Iran

(021) 41464000

Fax (021) 41464444


Policy of Nik Arad Industrial Development Group

Nik Arad company has been starting in the field of supplying piping materials for one decade. And then, we add the Manufacturing plant of galvanized spiral and rectangular air ducts.

By collecting a complete package of various types of thermal insulation and piping materials, it has become a reference in the air conditioning and insulation industry. Now, we have a package of the highest quality products in this industry.

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